3 Easy Steps to Use a Landscaping Website to Build a VIP List

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If you've been in the Landscaping business any amount of time or you work with landscaping clients, you don't need us to tell you how challenging it can be.


From hiring staff to maintaining equipment to mowing yards and trimming hedges themselves, many landscapers don't have the time to think about taking steps to be proactive in their marketing.


In fact, the question we hear from many prospective Landscaping clients we talk to is "What are the quickest and easiest ways for me to get new customers while building recurring revenue from my current base?"


Of course, the easy answers are "do the best landscaping work" or "provide the best customer service" but many times, these businesses are already doing that.


We've discovered that most Landscaping businesses aren't actively attempting to engage their best customers or go after new ones. And there are some simple, cost-effective ways to do just that.


Here are 3 easy steps we have identified that almost any landscaper can follow, using your current website, to build a list that will produce dividends over and over again:


1. Determine (& Perfect) an Opt-in Offer

To start any effective promotional campaign, you must first decide on the initial opt-in offer you will provide to entice prospective customers to join your VIP list. 

- 20% off a monthly service package
- $50 off your first service
- 2 FREE CUTS with the purchase of a yearly package


2. Build a Promotional Vehicle

You need a vehicle that's going to deliver your offer to your customers where they already are. This can be done through a variety of methods, but in our example below, you're going to see how we build a widget to be placed on your Landscaping website. 


3. Plug & Play

Once you build that promotional vehicle, you've got to be able to set it on track and let it run its course. This takes place while you watch your VIP list (and your revenues) grow.


Now, as customers visit your website, you have an automatic tool to engage those customers and add them to your VIP list for future promotions.


Sounds pretty simple, right? The only thing that may be missing from your arsenal to put this into play for your landscaping business right now is the tool to execute.


Take a look at the video below to see the tool we use with landscapers everywhere:



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