Engaging Leads & Making Sales with Two Way Messaging

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Business owners are always on the hunt for a system or process that will drive engagement with their customers while equating to increased revenues. Finding ways to not only establish, but nurture and cultivate relationships with customers, is the name of the game. 


Through a variety of features, Customer Engine can do just that. And perhaps no feature drives engagement like two way messaging.


Two way messaging with Customer Engine provides businesses with an incredibly unique opportunity to:


  • Close more sales when customers talk back to you.
  • Track everything inside your "messaging" dashboard.
  • Access complete conversion history at your fingertips.
  • Add new keywords and start new automations as you're speaking to your customers live.


Businesses who are searching for the ability to further upsell products or services, drive spur-of-the-moment revenue to combat slow days, or simply develop stronger relationships with their best customers can all benefit from two way messaging.


Want to see how it all works? Take a look at the video below:



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Don't Forget to Share This Post!

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