How to Build a Money-Making SMS List for Your Housekeeping/Maid Service Business

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Who has the time or energy to clean their house these days?


Between kids activities, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and work, the last thing we want to do when we actually get to spend quality time at home is to spend it cleaning.


Our friends and clients in this service industry realize that more than anyone and they want to capitalize on it in any way they can. Furthermore, they are all looking for that competitive edge to beat out the other guys across town.


Many of them have sunk time, money, and effort into some of your standard marketing techniques such as online reviews, social media, and print advertising - all of which can be highly effective and should be a part of any housekeeping or maid service's arsenal.


What we've found is that few of them are capitalizing on the importance of building a list and consistently marketing to that list through text marketing.


Here are some steps these businesses can take right now to yield short-term (and eventually, long-term) returns:


1. Develop an Attractive Opt-in Offer

To trigger an effective promotional campaign, you must first encourage customers to join your list by dangling a unique and enticing offer in front of them.

- 25% off your first clean
- $50 off cleaning when you spend $200
- One Free Deep Cleaning with the purchase of a monthly cleaning package 


2. Determine How to Promote the Offer

You need to be able to put the offer directly in front of your customers to encourage their response. This can be done through a variety of methods, but in our example below, you're going to see how we build a simple landing page that is connected to social media post.


A customer can simply scan a QR code, text a number, or visit a URL that connects to the landing page you build. When they've completed the opt-in of that page, you can have automated messages sent directly to them containing their offer. 


3. Execute Business as Usual

Now that you've developed an enticing offer and placed in front of your customers, your job becomes easy - and that's just taking care of your customers' needs.


As customers continue to frequent your social media, you have placed an automatic engagement tool in front of them that's built to bring them back more often and spend more when they return.


What we've also done is add them to our marketing list, which means we can then segment and target them for future offers to drive even further revenue and engagement.


The only thing that may be missing to allow you turn the key on this engine is the tool to execute.


Take a look at the video below to see a walkthrough of the tool we use with housekeeping/maid service businesses everywhere to do exactly what we're explaining:


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