[New Feature] Broadcast Templates

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Whether you're an agency or you're the manager or owner a business, when it comes to marketing, it's pretty safe to say that it can be difficult getting started.


Knowing when, how, and where to devote your efforts can be incredibly intimidating. So much so that many individuals quit before they even get started.


That's why Customer Engine developed the incredibly popular "Business Templates" available inside the system to every subscriber.


Currently, there are business templates included for 49 niches. Each of these templates include done-for-you:


  • Website Widgets
  • Landing Pages
  • Automation Sequences
  • Associated Marketing Collateral


And now we are proud to share that "Broadcast Templates" have been added to this space.


Located in the "Resources" section of every single niche template is a Google document that includes templates for promotional broadcast messages that you can put into place immediately or use as inspiration for your business or client.


Take a look at the video below to see an overview of the Broadcast Templates:


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Don't Forget to Share This Post!

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