[New Feature] Multimedia Messaging

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If there's not already a widely-known phrase that points to the fact that every one of us eat, shop, and buy with our eyes, maybe it's time we make one.


All kidding aside, there is some major truth to the relevance of seeing a product, a service, or a business with our eyes and then making a snap judgment as to whether to move forward with that entity.


Much like we do with our clients when we build websites or send newsletters or produce social media content, we're always seeking to convey brand equity when marketing through SMS.


That's why the brand new Multimedia Messaging features within Customer Engine are a serious game-changer. Not only can we help tell the story of a brand through imagery but we can help increase the conversion of the variety of campaigns we run.


Through broadcasts, automations, and two-way messaging, we're able to enhance our SMS marketing by:


  • Including Ad Images for our Offers
  • Sharing Product Images for Specific Sales
  • Inviting VIPs to Private Events
  • And much, much more 


Then we get to sit back and watch as conversions grow and work with our clients to continue to test new, exciting campaigns. It's a huge win for everyone involved.


Take a look at the video below to see a walkthrough of this exciting new feature:


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Don't Forget to Share This Post!

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