[New Feature] The Keyword Merge Field

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Regardless of the niche we work with, we continue to find that so much of what we aim to do in this world of intelligent text marketing hinges on one incredibly important factor: employee buy-in.


We can (and do) spend time, money, and effort developing some of the most interesting and engaging promotions built specifically to drive revenues for our clients. But, we've found that our best promotions always start with encouraging and engaging our clients' staff first and foremost.


In many cases, when we include our front-line employees in promotions, the success rates skyrocket.


Thanks to an innovative idea from one our amazing Customer Engineers, our team has been hard at work adding a new feature into automations that will undoubtedly spawn some amazing new promotions across a variety of niches.


Take a look at the video below to see a walkthrough of how to use the keyword merge field to increase employee engagement while executing successful promotions:



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