[New Feature] The Loops Widget

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The ability to actively engage a customer base is a top priority for every single business we work with and, honestly, should be for every business on earth.


We believe that one of the best ways to increase a business' engagement is through the power of innovative text marketing campaigns.


Some businesses we work with, however, are interested in creating an army of followers. Followers who act as foot soldiers and are constantly banging the drum and spreading the word about our clients' products, services, or the business as a whole.


That's when we introduce our plan for viral Loops campaigns.


Through these electrifying promotional methods, we encourage customers to take their engagement a step further to play a game that allows them progressing rewards while acting as our best advertisers.


This week at Customer Engine, a brand new tool - The Loops Widget - was unveiled to place these viral loops campaign on our clients' websites.


Current subscribers that have added the Loops feature to their package can access this new widget tool by simply adding on to a current Loops campaign or starting a new one and choosing "Create Widget" after completing the "Sharing Page."


Take a look at the video below to see a walkthrough of how to add a Loops widget to an existing campaign:



Ready to start using Customer Engine to grow your business? Or are you a current Customer Engine interested in adding Loops? Book a demo with us now using the button below.










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